Monthly Archives: November 2014

Git Bash script to ensure LF before committing

I’m using Git for a big folder of my notes, which I prefer to keep in unix file-format.  Occasionally I’m adding in files that have CRLF, which I could let Git deal with, but I prefer to tidy them before committing, so I wrote a Git Bash one-liner to find them, and wrapped a script around it. Read more ›

Git merge in a smaller repository

I’m using local-only (ie no remotes) Git repositories for quite a few directories – mostly my notes, but some code, and some LaTeX documents. I make heavy use of .gitignore to screen out non-texty files. I decided to make my IT notes directory into a super-repository, and I wanted it to seamlessly pick up the history of a sub-directory that had been a Git repository on its own. Read more ›